deforming animated particles

Hi @ all,

I´ve made an animated handwriting and edited the particles that they might stay for quite a minute. In this time I want the handwriting to align to a bow. Can I do that, so that the particles still stay on their curves?

I already tried this, but simply moving the Words doesn´t work, the fall back to their end position. Rotating the Words with the Particles don´t work either.
Are there any tricks to make it work, or is that only possible ind the next Blender-version??


You could stick the whole thing inside a Lattice and deform them with that (if by ‘bow’ you mean a weapon; if you mean a knot then it won’t be that easy).


Actually I don´t mean the bow as a weapon, but in an abstract way, it is correct.^^

Con you tell me how lattices work? I want that word animated, that first it is horizontal and in the next animation it aligns to that “curve”.

I can upload the .blend-File that you can see what I mean.


One way to do “animated handwriting that sticks to a bow” would be to create the handwriting as a two-dimensional graphic texture that is attached to the appropriate face of the bow.

I don´t know how to create such a texture, but I now use an alternative way: I just moved the letters to the position of the Curve and let the particles move this way, so I needn´t have to add another complex animation.
For me it is easier this way, but thanks for your help.