Deforming one mesh around another

I’ll keep things short and sweet. I have two objects, a bandaid, and a hat:

My goal is to deform the bandaid to be “stuck” to the bill of the hat, at an angle:

I’ve been trying for a couple hours at this and I haven’t really been successful. The two objects are separate objects in Blender; I’ve attached the .blend to this post. I was hoping there might be some trick that’s easier than vertex-by-vertex manipulation of the mesh. I appreciate and thank any help in advance!


this place will grow.blend (509 KB)

I would recommend starting with retopo ( face snapping ) to get the bottom of the bandaid into the right shape / position, then turn off face snapping, extrude up a bit to give it depth, and then model the center bit of the bandaid.

Bandaid is like a tape stuck to surface, just like what you show in the image. Using UV image texture will do the job. Do you want whole Bandaid to show thickness, or just at the middle?