Deku Scrub Link

So… It’s link XD Not much to say, but I hope you guys like it. Any critique is appreciated.

High res:

Nice! xD The bark texture looks a little weird, but the over all look is cool.

The grain of the wood is not going on the proper direction, all the rest is superb, check this images, the snout of link should have a different grain direction than the main sphere of his head, right now the snout and the head look as if they were made of the same piece of wood, which as you can see in the original artwork is not how they are, they are actually two separate pieces of wood.
Also the direction of your current texture is following the meridians of your sphere when they should go against them in a concentric circles fashion coming closer/smaller towards the camera, changing the mapping of you texture should do the trick most likely

I just found this really good example to explain the problem, the sphere on the left is how your texture currently is the one the right is how it should be.