Delayed - A sci-fi short film

My third project in blender! :smiley:
My goal for this one was to learn the node compositor. (which i did)
The motherboard on my computer got fried whilst making this, so the story didn’t quite turn out as i would have liked.
Nevertheless, it IS a cool looking story complete with sound design (the sound effects took me about as long as the animation).

Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments!
~Noah Wardell

The animation for the main character is stiff.

Yeah… I did the animations for the robot, and some of the running down the hallway on a decent computer.
Then the motherboard fried, so i had to finish the other animations on a laptop.
So, it didnt turn out like i’d have liked. but its still done! :smiley:

Did you overclocked it or something?

psh. i wish.
It was randomly crashing as it was, so i didn’t wanna mess around with overclocking it.
For some of the final renders (Just the rendering, not the animation) i would take them to school and have them render out 5-10 second on the computer i was using for the day.
Its not the best. but a least most of the final renders came out ok.

on a side note, once i upgrade my computer setup; i’m looking for other blender users to collaborate with on future projects (they would be simpler than this one. minecraft or something)
If your interested at all, id love to see what you can do. :slight_smile:

oooh, riiight. you were asking if i overclocked the original PC. nah i didn’t.
Our house had some massive power surges the day the motherboard fried.
I had it hooked up to a battery backup/surge protector, but apparently it wasn’t enough.

Congrats on getting your film done! Looks like you mastered Blender. Ive been working with it a few months now and this is inspiring! I like the spider robot and the very beginning of your film. Reminds me of john Carpenters DARKSTAR.