Delaying the keyboard sensor

I am working on a simple tank game and I would like to make it so that there is a two second delay after the tank fires the projectile. I set up a keyboard sensor using logic bricks and it fires the projectile - no problem; however, I cannot get the delay in firing to work. I’ve tinkered with the different switches, but nothing gives me the delay that I want. See attached file. Furthermore, how do you know when a switch is activated (true or false)? Light gray or dark gray? It’s not really clear because the hover text always says “activate” regardless of the current setting. Please help.


tank_plane_ob_sp_tankc_nm_p.blend (1000 KB)

Hi, try this and see if it helps.

As far as I understand it does not matter if pulse mode is True or False, since it can be activated either way. As a typical convention the default trigger can be True.

However if you want to do more advanced logical expressions in the “Controller” you will understand the difference between these two pulse triggers.

More information about pulse modes can be found here (I guess):