Delete 1000+ textures

I have over a thousand textures assigned to a model because when I converted it from .obj, all the individual triangles were by itself an own object.

How do I delete all of them? They’re assigned to the model(thus not 0 users).

add a cube, make a simple material for it, then select your original object, shift select your cube, and press ctrl L ( link materials ). save and reopen. the 100s of materials should be gone. if they are not gone, you can append your object into a fresh file, then save, and re-append it into your scene.

If those are face-assigned images (i.e. not material textures), you would need to select all faces, assign a (new) image to all of them in the UV/Image editor (just select or create image), then delete that image.

Yeah, they’re face-assigned images. Tried what you suggested and it didn’t work? Would there be a python script to remove this?
Since there’s a python script that removes all material assigned to an object.