Delete the data of an object

This probably isn’t going to make much sense, but here we go.

My question:
Is there a way to delete the data of an object so that it’s practically brand new?

My problem:
I made a two piece outfit with that cloth simulator where I use the shrinking property weight. Both objects simulate perfectly separate, using vertex groups to control where it shrinks, HOWEVRR, when I join the two objects, the shrinking function weakens significantly, which doesn’t make sense. But even more baffling, when I separate them again…… the shrinking function doesn’t return to the state that it was in before I joined the two objects. It continues to have the faulty shrink functionality, so I’m thinking there is some data that is tied to the object that I need to be rid of. Deleting the bake and starting over doesn’t nothing.

Export the object in .obj format and reimport it. It’s a format that contains only the basic mesh.

After you reimport, the mesh may have “custom normal data” on it which could mess with the shading, but you can remove it here:

After that, the mesh should be stripped of any data except for the polygons themselves.

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