Deleted camera is rendering my scene/camera does not use updated scene.

Hello guys, blendern00b here…

So a couple a days ago I made my first animation, It was a rather simple one. The body of my character was floating still in the air, while I gave the arms and legs a simple walk-animation. Didn’t turn out to bad, bud it was a test, and I wanted to add some more effects, and interaction with another object.

So I went on and improved the walk, added a floor etc. and I was ready to render it, only to find the exact same animation I had before. Even when I delete the camera and add a new camera it uses the deleted camera. The new camera is shows as the active camera as well.

I’m on a laptop, and can’t access some of the shortcuts, since I don’t have the balls to change them, for now at least. Therefore I hope you could guide me through the menu’s (and maybe post the shortcuts for other folks).

I’ll post the .blend just in case:

You need to delete the image strip in the VSE.

Thanks so much, could not figure it out…

Welcome to Blender. :slight_smile: “These things, too, shall pass …” (But the fun​ never ends.)