Deleted mesh still in file

Hi all,

before i report a bug i wanted to ask around. I have a scene with a huge mesh. I delete the mesh and save the file. The files has the same size as before. When i look into the file’s “library”, the mesh is still there. Is it a bug? If not, how can i get rid of the mesh?

what do you mean “delete the mesh”?
did you delete the mesh object, or the mesh data?

Blender uses a “user counter” for everything.
Only when this counter is zero data is removed from file.
Do prevent things from being deleted at all there is even the possibility to set a fake user.
This is useful for creating library files.
To check this you can go in the object browser via SHIFT_F4.
In there you can navigate to the object in question. The number next to the object name is the “user count” if there is a F in another column the object has a fake user. You can toggle this here by selecting and hitting F_KEY.