Deleting Cam keyframe causes quitting - 2.49b

I’m getting quits of Blender when I attempt to delete the keyframe at Frame = 0.

I have nothing elaborate going on with the cam; just a simple linear motion from Point A to Point B. I deleted the keyframe at pt B with no issue, but something about the 0 Frame key that is cranky.

is this a known behavior?


Why do you keyframe at frame 0. The first frame of an animation is frame 1.
I’ve tried in a recent build of 2.5 and I can delete a keyframe at frame 0

my bad…I meant the first keyframe…all the way to the left. at the bottom of the time line, you see a “0” but it is actually at keyframe = 1

I am working in 2.49b…dunno if this makes a difference…