Deleting data block's

(Squee) #1

I need to know if it’s possible to delete IPO and material data block’s.
I set up some IPO curves wich I no longer needed so I deleted the curves
but the data block’s don’t go away.

(theeth) #2

if you press the X next to the datablock name, the link to the object is broken. An unlinked datablock is erased when saving (except Action datablocks)


(kos) #3

but what about materials?they still appear in the list after deleting from some model.

(theeth) #4

You answered the question yourself. Even if they are unlinked from some objects, they might still be linked to others. You can use the OOPS window to examine all the links.


(haunt_house) #5

if they have a little circle, they are not linked anymore. If you now save by pressing ctrl-wkey and then reload with ctrl-okey, they should be gone.