Deleting frames

Is there away to delete all frames past 1? I added some animation but I want to just have the 1st frame for archive purposes. I figured I could just go through all the frames and make all of the them the same. Would this suffice to delete all animation?


No. You’ll just have a static animation.

How to delete an animation depends a little on what you animated.

If it was an armature you could select the armature and then go to an Action window and select and delete all the keys you see there. Deleting the “Action” takes a little more effort and might not really matter anyway at this stage.

If it was shape keys you can select the mesh then again, select and delete the keys in the Action window.

If it was an object trasform (location, rotation, scale) then you can select the object, open an IPO window and select and delete all the IPO curves.

How does one open the “action” window?.. Nevermind i figured it out.

Sorry extreme Noob here, but learning fast.