Deleting old unavailable bookmarks?

I usually set a bookmark to any new project in the Blender file browser. When done I archive my projects on a graveyard server. If I don’t delete the bookmark in Blender first it gets unavailable and greyed out in the file browser. I then can’t select it to delete it…

The workaround is to recreate the folder, delete the bookmark, then delete the folder again…
-Is there some easier way to delete those old bookmarks?

You can find your bookmarks’ file inside the …\2.77\config folder which may be found in your local user settings if you haven’t added it into the Blender installation directory (which I do with the portable, zipped version). It’s a text file (bookmarks.txt) and you can edit it as you need. Same thing for the recent-files.txt. Hope it helps.


Yeah, that helped. Thanks. Never thought of that… Much easier.

There is a black triangle button under the plus and minus button, maybe it’s time to try and click on that.