Deleting parts of complex objects?

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I’m attempting some modifications for a Dragon Age armor .msh. I’m trying to delete some parts of the mesh which clip horribly in-game on the female model:

My aim is to remove the parts circled in red, the pockets on the thigh and back.

I’ve googled this, scrolled through the tutorials, etc, but unfortunately I can’t find any method which has helped so far. Judging from the wireframe, the leg and buttock do still exist underneath these pockets so theoretically if I could delete them, there would still be an intact figure to salvage underneath:

My other thought was whether or not I could cut the offending sections, then copy+paste and then flip the corresponding area from the other side of the model, but I haven’t been able to work out how to cut out only a small part of the mesh in order to do this.

Is there a way to achieve this in Blender, please?

Thank you so much!

Select one vertex and use Ctrl+L to select all the linked vertices. Then delete with X or use P to separate them to their own object

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Other way to single out the parts to be erased is to use hide “H” command.

In wireframe mode box select “B” parts you want to keep and hide it. In your case upper body, arms, and legs can be hidden in few seconds. As you get closer to the detail hot key “C” can be used to select the parts to be hidden / kept. Soon you will have the only faces to be deleted on the screen left. Simply select them all, then Delete / Faces. Now, hit “Alt + H” to unhide parts you kept.

This was absolutely wonderful advice. Worked like a charm

Side note. You can just press L with the part you want under your curser, no need to use ctrl+L unless it’s hard to get to.

You can press p and separate by loose parts as well, but it will break off every loose part.

If the objects have different materials you can select them in the material window in edit mode.