Deleting textures

How do you delete textures completely from your blend file. I know that by not packing them it gets rid of them during transfer but how do I just plain remove them?

A little search and it results in a post I answered not too long ago :smiley: .

Jason Lin

Thank you. But how do I know what my texture is referenced to if I dont know myself. This very large texture came with an append I did on another object that I have since deleted. Unfortunatly it still says its blocked to 2 items. Hmmm…

Lol, I don’t think I can make it any clearer than that.

The whole point of removing unwanted textures is because you aren’t using it anymore. Follow this method and you can’t go wrong.

A little trick to see which meshes have the textures, just pack all the textures that you want to use into that .blend file. Copy it and paste it on your desktop. Open the .blend and only the textures that have packed textures should have a texture on them. The meshes that use the unwanted textures, (the ones without the packed textures) will show up pink. They just reassign textures and delete the unwanted ones…

Of course, you’re going to have to reassign textures to your meshes in order for it to work, but that’s the whole point. Then when those textures aren’t linked to any of the meshes, you can delete the name of the texture.

Jason Lin