deleting unused materials and textures

hello, I have a few textures and materials, some of which are duplicates, which are unused according to the outliner
I would like to delete them to make my blend file smaller

Preferably there is a non-tedious way of doing this? I have over a hundred textures in my blend file


Append needed objects into a new blend file, save. Delete (or archive, you never know ;)) original.

thanks for your reply
every single object in my blend file is needed, do I really have to append each object individually?


If you have materials/textures etc not being used you can remove with the orphan cleanup addon

I dont know how blender defines something as an ‘orphan’ but that script only deleted 6 textures, when there are over 120 textures and most of which are not used in my blend file
after I run the script, I can still see textures listed in the Texture tab that arent in any of my scenes according to the outliner

they will be automatically deleted when you close blender if the materials aren’t attatched to any objects

unused materials disappear if you simply save the file and re open it - Or have I been imagining that?

the problem is that only the stuff with a 0 next to them will get deleted

I have materials and textures, which as you can see from my screenshot, are not marked with the 0 , and yet also do not show up in the outliner as being in use in any of my scenes

Grouping, proper naming is handy for Append-ing later, if that helps.

You don’t show any image of your Outliner with it set to show Orphaned Data. That would help.

See this:

Never delete materials that have textures assigned to them unless you have unlinked the textures first.

:spin: so that’s where I went wrong

It was intuinitive to think that unused textures are unused textures …

like this?


please see attached pictures


2 more pictures because the limit is 3 per post


Last image says Texture.000 and Texture.005 are still being used. Now when there are just 3 or so materials in use, can you look and see if these textures belong to any of materials?

Could you post a blend file with a part of object where textures still show up? Link from a finished upload to, preferably.

Check the UV map editor to see if the textures are still listed in the datablock ID field. If they are, shift-click on them to unlink them, even if they show up red already. Then save and reload.

Also, if you added multiple textures to one material, or shared one material with multiple objects, you get cross-referencing that confuses Blender, so go through all your materials for all your objects and make sure that the problem texture isn’t still assigned to another object.

Another thing to note… When you join objects that are textured, and they share the same material, the assignment of the materials gets messed up and the textures can get switched. I did this last night and found that one material that was being shared by several objects got duplicated when I joined everything, and the textures got messed up. I didn’t notice until I rendered, at which point the unwanted texture showed up where the original one was. I had to go through the steps I suggested above, and things cleared up.

Hold Shift when deleting. That forces to 0 Users. Then just save and reopen … maybe twice … than all “Waste” ist gone.