Delight's 3D dump thread : road to awesomeness

I’ve been lurking these forums for two years now but never created anything of my own in Blender. I couldn’t find the motivation to begin learning Blender, and those few times I tried, the awkward user interface made me cry and give up.

A month ago I found an online university course in open source 3D modelling using Blender. I applied to the course, was accepted, and now I have begun my journey towards creating awesome Blender art myself. Right now I feel super motivated, but I need some kind of incentive to keep that motivation. My plan is to post my rendered images in this thread so I can get feedback and see my own progress over time. Hopefully this will be encourage me to keep on Blendering :slight_smile:

Ginger bread man created by following a guide on the blender wiki. I’m pretty happy with the result :slight_smile:

copper tea pot, modelled from a real world object.

Hi and wlecome. The kettle looks good, can’t give any advice as i’m new to blender too. I started by using blender wiki site too. Keep up the good, but hard work.

a good start! the teapot is great. see, first steps successfully done, now it goes easier with each step :slight_smile:

When I started with Blender, I was quite simply mystified having dropped Truespace 7 for after they changed over to the mental interface.

But I stick with Blender through thick and thin. Do the same. Blender is initially insane. Then the more you model, the more sense it makes.

Your gingerbread man is cute, in a very pathetic way.

Your teapot, on the other hand, is nothing short of gorgeous. Well-proportioned, accurately modelled, and by and large an incredible leap from gingerbread man. More power to your elbow!

Thank you all for the welcome!

I have played around with Sculptris before and always had a thing for sculpting faces. Today I tried the sculpt functionality in Blender and at first I wasn’t very happy with my result. Instead I started playing around with modifiers. After reducing 99.9% of the polygons using the decimate modifier my sculpt suddenly looked great :smiley: I wasn’t prepared for this, and after adding some dramatic lighting it turned out like this: