Delivery Boy

Little delivery boy on his daily routine :wink:

Modeled and rendered in Blender, postpro in Gimp and Paint.NET. Comments are welcome.

I really like this model especially the scratches on his face :smiley:

The cloth textures are terrific. Very tactile, soft…

Odlično napravljeno.teksture su odlične,poza odlična.Samo nastavi :smiley:

Thanks tadine and zavigny, hvala nanoradian :slight_smile:

can you pass me the scratch texture please

I sent you a PM

And I replied :slight_smile:

Great work, I like the feel of it,nice work on the hands!

Thanks estuardorosales :slight_smile:

hoaaa i luv it… simple and looks great. I luv the textures and the fur!!

Just nice!! Well done!

Good doll who plays his skate, invigorating !

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Well done! Incredible textures, I must say. Did you use a particle system for the hair? Also, is it Cycles or BI? Once again, incredible render. I love the feel of it.

Wow, really good work
I like the hair which looks like rope and the textures are really good.
Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink: It was rendered with Cycles and I have used hair particle systems with different settings for a few objects (hat, shirt, shoes and puppets “hair”, which is a mesh covered with small strands to make it look better).

I’m glad you like the textures, I was mainly focused on practicing UV-unwrapping and texturing on this one