DeLorean from Back To The Future with Eevee


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart!! Have a nice day!:pray:

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HOLY COW THAT LOOKS REAL! Great work man! :+1:

do you plan on sharing the model?
if so, are you ok with sharing the link?
if you dont i understand

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Thanks man!! At this moment I’m not planning to upload the model to the platforms because I would like to first improve some details to get it ready. But if at any time I decide to upload it, I will notify you here and on my social networks. I’m glad you liked how the DeLorean turned out!

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your welcome dude :+1: and btw i dont really have any social network accs other than protonmail, this site, and sketchfab

so you could also upload it to sketchfab if you want :slightly_smiling_face:

ps. also, how did you make the volumetric headlights? im curious
does it have an interior tho? :thinking:

For the volumetric light with the headlight, I only used point light, spot light and volumetric material.

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how did you make the volumetric? cause whenever i try to use princibled volume on the cone mesh, it puts in volumetric in the bounds, not the shape

Hello bro, was simple in my case, I used a noise texture connected to a Color Ramp, this Color Ramp connected to the principled volume density, after I connected the Principle Volume shader to the volume input of the material output. This is all I remember haha If you want I can upload a screenshot of the node setup.

i think i understand, but it would be easier for me to acutally see it in action from a screenshot