[DEMO NOW AVAILABLE!] Hover Tank Battle League - local multiplayer game!


Hello all,

Hover Tank Battle League is a small, local multiplayer game for Windows. The game features:

  • Local multiplayer tank dueling!
  • Supports Xbox and Ps4 controllers
  • Single player mode against bot with keyboard and mouse support
  • 4 arenas

!!! DEMO NOW AVAILABLE HERE !!! >>>> https://rubeki.itch.io/hover-tank-battle-league

After release (not necessarily in order):

  • Make more promotional material (videos)
  • Likely, bug fixes
  • Steam release
  • Tutorials
  • AI vs AI mode
  • Mac version

<ASIDE> Thank you VERY much to the UPBGE team !!! Without it, controllers would more or less not work on Windows, so you saved this project (I developed on Mac, to later find that multiple controllers were not supported on Windows!) <ASIDE>




Quick gameplay footage:


Wow you inspire me even more so i can complete my project.
Mann this Looks amazing bro i wish to try it out.


We are glad that the engine works well for you :wink:

Great project!

Local multiplayer tank dueling!

Is this LAN or split screen? I think players will be more happy with split screen.

Thanks for the support guys!

@haidme, it is split screen! I just recorded the above media while playing against the bot.
I should add some split screen screenshots and gifs…

On a related note, I had great difficulty recording videos, gifs, etc. with Cam Studio. What do you guys use for screen recording?

Here’s me getting destroyed repeatedly by the AI. I rigged the split screen for single player mode. Hard to get people to play against on a weekday!


Wow damn mann the splitscreen HUD looks awesome nice job on that.
Are they any levels to this game for Split-Screen?
iam also putting 2-Player in Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 Demo !!!
its going to be great man im going to play your game over the weekend n i’ll give you some feedback.

Your game looks impressive truly speaking you’ve inspired me even more to polish my game.
!!! Awesome Game bro !!!



All the Arenas support split screen. You can toggle the bot on and off at any point during the match - when it’s off, the split screen is engaged.

It’s not released yet, so you may not be able to play it this weekend unfortunately. I have a few family members testing it on their PCs currently just to make sure it runs smoothly.

But definitely watch for announcements next week!

So I found an amazing free screen recording software for Windows called ShareX:

Along with Audacity, using the WASAPI (Option 2 on this page: http://www.howtogeek.com/217348/how-to-record-the-sound-coming-from-your-pc-even-without-stereo-mix/), you can record high frame-rate screen capture with sound!

So expect gameplay videos :smiley:

I’ve updated the first post with a gameplay video. One match, Me vs the AI.


awesome game. PC needs more local multiplayer games!

So I will be updating this game as I get feedback, and more-or-less to my heart’s content.
Check out my signature for channels :slight_smile:

Here’s me against the new and improved AI:

nice style, looks like a funny game :slight_smile:

On a related note, I had great difficulty recording videos, gifs, etc. with Cam Studio. What do you guys use for screen recording?

i cannot say for others but im using OBS (open broadcast software) its free. and used by billions streamers.


Pretty cool. I found one called ShareX as well. It doesn’t seem to record audio though, so you have to use audacity simultaneously.

Also, made a video showing how the AI aims:

Here’s progress on one of the new arenas: Winter Wonderland :slight_smile:
As you can see, it’s much larger than the original arenas!

WIP, Top Down View:

And a gif ofcourse:

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Updated the look and feel of the new level. Still a WIP!

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Yet another arena:

And the final winter wonderland map :slight_smile: