Demo Pilot : - Kirby :SWMaster - 3D environment sword battle - (first try)

Ok so here’s one of my first attemp to make something else than a shooting game :
its only at its pilot level, I’ll had more features as I continue working with the game. Just need feedback or idea or tips to get this game better :yes:
here a link that goes to the link to the file (in the first post , complete description f the game)

i only played for like 30 seconds but here are a couple things to comment on:

nice kirby/metaknight models +textures
the walk cycle needs to have more “bounce”
you’re missing the zlib dll

uhh thats about it for now but from what i saw i’m really excited to see the finished version


yep thats about it… here’s the new link

well thkx ! yah I’ll try to put all my effort on this one but it would be fun to have people interested to participate in the making of the game. So if anyone is interested just let me know:yes: - I just fixed the ‘‘moving forward’’ animation , it looks way better now! also fixed the jump action… just that stupid ''btcollision Dispatcher: needsCollision : static-static Collision!
‘’ message that I cant get rid of. thkx again


can you post screenshots pls

lol! I tried all the inimaginable things to stop the low frames… when the answer ws right in front of my eyes! you know the ‘’‘flow effect’’ of the water? THAT was what it made it sooo low! now everything seems sweet!
except for one thing… I manage to do something with the sword htting using another object ‘’ the slash effect’’ but I’m not satisfied with it and the range of possibilities using it are low…
If anyone very bright enought to find another way forit please let me know!:o
I’ll let the .blend file here