Demo video game

A year ago 3 people from Veria (Greece) had the same vision! Two developers and one 3d generalist decided to create a video game. I am happy to present you our first demo. We would appreciate your support and your feed backs! Thanks for watching!
demo video here


It looks great :smiley: I really like atmosphere you created and lighting.
But, you asked about feedback:

  • gates (visible on 2nd screenshot) - have too sharp edges and I would suggest to increase number of vertices on curves,
  • in the 2nd half of the video level design is too straight - trees are placed in lines and paths allows character to go only in 4 directions (right, left, to screen, from screen),
  • under the sliding object / monument you could add traces of movement - to show the player that he can move it,
  • if this is possible you could also add wind animations on trees and grass - you could do something similar like in the beginning of this level in MediEvil PS4:

Generally, it looks great :slight_smile:

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thank you for your tips!!! it means a lot to us!!!