Demon Bust - Then and Now

Hi there! This is my first entry in the Blender Artist forum.

I recently finished a demon bust for my portfolio, I thought I should share it with you. It was a great experience, as I got more in depth with lighting, compositing, and final renders. Due to that I believe I was able to push it further than all my previous pieces and make it a standout.

You can view more of my work at Artstation:

The modelling and sculpting was completely done in Blender. I switched sculpting from Zbrush to Blender some time ago, mostly because I can’t stand Zbrush asinine UI. The only issue I’ve encountered with Blender sculpting so far are:

  1. the amount of polys it can tolerate before lagging isn’t very high (this one got around 7-10 millions at most). I constantly had to remesh and dynatopo it to a lower level in order to keep working. If Blender could simply fix that, then it would dominate Zbrush no doubt.
  2. some of the hard surface/flatten/scrape brushes are not as clean as the ones in Zbrush, which is a real shame. There are some workaround though.

(More pics below)


Some more renders:


Some more renders:


Some more renders:

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I also wanted to add a before and after pic of the very first bust I sculpted in 2018. My fascination for horns have always been there. I’ve really started to enjoy my workflow so hope to be able to share more with you in the near future!



Really great sculpture, congratulations :raised_hands:

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Wow, you’ve made a lot of progress! :+1:

A very nice sculpt!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Beautiful job!

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