Demon child

Hey all sorry to cross post… But this is kind of different … In my other thread here > I was mainly looking for crits on the animation more so the opening sequence…which was entirely redone anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Now Im lookin for crits on the characters mesh. Ive just gotten to the point where Im just starting to like him but would like to get some feedback from others. I realize the mesh isnt exactally clean.

However Ive noticed Ive become overly obessed with trying to get clean meshes that I never acctually finished anything. So I decide to just sculpt away not minding the geometry for the most part besides hopefully the parts that will be animated. You can see a few facial animations in the first video in the last thread. However those have all been deleted since I decided to finish modeling the body.

My plan at this point is to tweak a few things here or there then rig him for animation. If all goes well Id like to try to do a music video for the song firestarter by prodigy.Not that im a fan or anything just think its a good song for the character.

I also have a few ideas for some animations some serious others I think are comical… but wouldnt be the first time I was the only one laughing.

Another thing I would like to get a few opinions on is Im debating creating a small friend for my small demon friend. I was thinking something cute yet scary… hope Im makin sense… I cant think of anything besides a lil bat… so thats a possibility but anymore ideas would be greatly appreciated. Anyways Im finished yappin thanks to anyone whos acctually read this much. I appologize again for double/cross posting. Yet I felt this belonged more here then there and is kind of a different topic. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Edit: One more request. A good arm rigging tutorial or blend file. Im ok with the rest of the armature just havent been able to set up a good arm yet.


children with oversized heads - always scarey - and especially when they have horns!:smiley:

looking good.

Thank you, I think im done working on the mesh… I still have to tweak a few areas… I gave him a basic rig and the shoulders are deforming pretty bad… so Im prolly going to rework that area… Or take a lil extra time in weight painting it… I made this quick render just for fun

Any more comments deffinately welcome.