Demon eye Kyo

Hi, I’m new on this site and i want to show you my new 3D character made with blender.
This is my second character, i have create demon eyes Kyo of the samurai deeper kyo manga.

Render in blender with the internal renderer.
2 days of work and post-prod with photoshop.

I hope you like it.


It’s amusing to see you here :)! When did you started using blender? I am wondering why you did not suscribe to Blenderartists or BlenderClan earlier. You have some experience with modeling and texturing; it shows that you tried some miscellaneous things before. Go try something else, so as to see what you can do;).

Thank you very much, i started blender one year ago in june. And create a 3d manga character was a dream. I’m proud of this now and if you have an idea of scene i take.
I didn’t suscribe to Blender artist before because i thought that was for profesionnal or expert in Blender and now i’m not an expert but i want comments of people who have some skills.