Demonstration of a monster rig

This is my latest rig, that i made in blender 2.62. It has:
IK/FK legs,
IK/FK arms,
IK/FK drivers,
Limited rotations on bones,
Copy rotation constrains.
I also made a layer switching menu for easy to use the rig. It helps a lot, while animating, in order not to overload you with controllers. Ready for linking to the other blender files.
Model by: Vitaly Chebonenko

did you share this or something? It looks like an awesome setup.

Whoa great gnashing of jaw! Cool rig.

Thank you, guys! Well, i made it for the company in which i work. May be later, after we finish our project, i will ask my ceo to share this rig on Follow my thread for the link.

Very good work. I like the monstr rig. Did you create facial rig?

Nice rig. I found the perfect monster for it…

Steve S

Thank you, Floo. No, i didn’t create facial rig for the monster, there was no need to make one, for the project.

Steve S, thx. Well, i can adopt it to the one that you have shown =)

Hey guys. As i promised, some animations for monster, but not all of them…


Very good stuff – this must be for a game – you have it set up with very specific actions. Are you allowed to say?

Yeah, it is for a small game. Sure i will post a link on it when it will be ready. Half of the animations, that i made were not used in the game, so you will see very small part of it…

great work! Thanks for sharing this work, a lot of us want to learn and I look forward to trying to animate with your excellent rig when it is released.

It looks that the hero has to run for his life because the monster have so sophisticated rig!

Thank you! It will be released for public use in no time. Follow this thread for download link. I just need to prepare it for all of you :eyebrowlift:

Juha Rautio
It looks that the hero has to run for his life because the monster have so sophisticated rig!

Thanks! Well, actually in the game we are going to attack it. Monsters are running from all different places to kill us, and we have to kill it. So if you want to try it, soon you wait for the link here…

Hey guys. Good news! I uploaded the rig to blendswap. You can find it there, or direct link to download from my blog.
Plus, i have decided to share all animations with rig, but not for commercial use. You can use rig for commercial work, as long as you credit me and the guy, who modeled it. Enjoy. I hope to see here some animations from you!

I dl’d it – it is a very impressive model and animations. Please tell us when the game it is for gets out. I want to see him in action

Nice Monster!

To Daren: The game is a bit different of ones, that we used to play. It is for 7D attraction. You sitting on horse and shooting monsters with pistol. Total there are four players in the room. You have 3d glasses and at different moments water splashes can come to you, or flash lights, or wind. The platform also moving. So it is very interesting.

To Paint Guy: Thx