Demonstration of win_brenda_console for running Brenda on Windows w/out command lines

Just a quick demonstration with me starting a new project, rendering and downloading frames in win_brenda_console.

win_brenda_console lets you render on AWS using Brenda on Windows without command lines or manually editing configuration files.

win_brenda homepage

my page for the Python scripts…

Brenda page…

Brenda forums…

First of all thanking you for this brilliant commentary and I like this. I expect this will be very helpful to the students to complete their educational works related with the topics.

Wonderful! I just used your scripts and successfully rendered an animation!

Thanks so much for putting this together!

My question is: can you add in an option for sub-frame rendering?


Hi Ronenosity! That’s great - thanks for letting me know! I’ve just added the ability to change the AMI and I’m currently working on a Blender 2.76b AMI now which I’ll hopefully finish today. The next update for the console will let you change things like subframe rendering and frame file format. I’ll also be improving on the installer in the future and making everything as simple as possible. Definitely worth checking regularly for updates :slight_smile:

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I do appreciate that youve addedrelevant and intelligent commentary here though. Thank you!

Just added sub-frame rendering.

Once again love the script and the updates.

One suggestion for a new option is to add the ability to Enable automatic Python script execution
by adding a ‘-y’ flag to the command line

also adding baking would be nice

Thanks again!

Hi Ronenosity, unfortunately I’ve started a new job and don’t have the time to make big updates at the moment. I did manage to put up a 2.77 AMI today though (it will pop up in the available AMIs on the win_brenda console automatically).