Dense Coloured Liquid Shader // Westworld Intro

Does anyone have an idea how to create this liquid shader from the Westworld Opening?

I fiddled around with absorption and scatter but it did me no good.

The liquid would stay too glass-like/transparent.

Cycles x preferred, but if you can do it in eevee, hell, do it.

Quick idea: the liquid seems to be less transparen because of some micro floating particles (the real one not from blender) so maybe adding some “substance” to the liquid… some fog for example…

Should be fairly easy - just a mix of volumetric scatter and absorption volume shaders - with a glossy/transparent surface layer



Oh nice, i have to look more into volume shaders, thanks i learnt something more.


That’s literally almost what i did but with a principled, i am so angry at myself right now for not hooking up the individual glossy and transparent shaders and giving it a try :smiley:

thank you so much!

Principled is ok for simplifying workflows - but I always revert to individual shaders. I just prefer building my shaders from the ground up, allows a greater level of control and understanding IMO.

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