Denver Blender User Group (DeBUG) First Meeting - Blender Beginner's Guide to Making Abstract Art

After going to BlendCon19 and hearing a presentation from Oscar Baechler from SeaBUG (Seattle Blender User’s Group) about creating and maintaining user groups, I decided to create Blender User’s Group in Denver!

There will be a talk on the Blender Beginner’s Guide to Abstract Art Saturday, November 23, at 5pm at the SouthGlenn Library.

This is the very first, positively astounding group meeting you will not want to miss! Mark your calendars and scribble on your sticky notes, because this event is all about Abstract Art - namely , the basics of how to create cool stuff in blender as a beginner. We will go into modifiers, explore weight painting, and see how materials mesh together.

If you want blend files (like to the pic above) , you will definitely need to come to this event !
If you want to meet me , say hello to everyone, and enjoy my blender button pressing and soothing voice, you will definitely want to come to this event!