Departures Hall

Good Afternoon,

Hello guys,
Here is a Departures Hall Airport with colour schematic green-yellowish
Modeling in Blender
Rendering with Yafray
Comments are welcome…




nice work I liked it. Maybe the floor is too shiny?

How did you make the plants? These are bitmaps as well as the people in the hall?


Looks good, it’s smaller than any airport departure hall I’ve ever been in though. Feels a bit enclosed. I always get the feel that the airport extends around me in corridors and walkways in to infinity.

It’s actually smaller than my local train station… Maybe you should extend it, just duplicate what you already have, move it along and then remodel slightly. Maybe put in some bathrooms and a couple of ATM’s or phone booths.

The over all style is good, but that colour is making me want to lose my lunch, and I didn’t even get on the plain yet! Talk about travel sickness…