One of my graduation projects

Try to express the depression of the depressed person’s soul and body as if pulled by a rope, which is extremely heavy. Although it is painful, he still longs for salvation and hope, and his body seems to be fragmented.
There are also some inspirations from the lyrics of “僕 が 死 の う と 思 っ た の は”
Hope to die with bugs under that flower tree. This is a true psychological portrayal of depressed patients, so there are green trees and grass around the depressed people, and death may be beautiful. It may be easier for depressed people, but even if you do n’t like this world, you still have this Important people are supporting their beliefs.


This is hauntingly beautiful. Terrific job.

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This is awesome. Imagine at the feet is very bad neighborhood and lots of fire and smoke. At the brain is all peaceful and bright (maybe a pyramid). In the middle is everyone else. Would be so amazing.

Very good opinion, but I hope more conscious, magical image expression

It seems that a person with very deep suffering and anxiety is ruining himself. This person in the picture seems to have a truly pure heart that cannot compromise with the world.
A highly artistic work!!

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After reading your comment, I feel that I have already expressed this feeling, thank you for your comment。

I would post this in Finished Projects. My only suggestion, not really a critique, would be to increase the brightness in the center a slight amount. I understand that the intensity could be metaphorical, but I feel it could be jacked up slightly without compromising anything.

Thanks, your opinion is great, I will adjust it

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great week!

ohhhh,thank you very much

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Awesome man. it is beautiful

thank you。