depth of field and camera tracking

Hi there,

I’ve been inspired by Viralata and would like to try doing an animation of my own masters degree building now its finished in a similar style. The concept of my building is very much about fog and so i think the depth of field would work really well in expressing this as the camera flies through. In addition to this I’ve been playing about with z-depth in trying to create fog. I’ve managed to create a nice depth of field and a nice z-depth fog in still renders but the big leap I want to move forward with is making an (2minute?) animation of my building - doing a couple of walk throughs and artistic flyovers.

I’ve got as far as finding some tutorials for camera tracking and fly throughs so im ok with that. I was wondering though if anyone would be able to point me in the direction of a tutorial or two that would show me how to increase and decrease depth of field as well as z depth in my animation so i can express the concepts behind my building in a video medium.

any help on this would be massively appreciated and when im done ill be more than happy to upload a video to the forum gallery for critique.



hi, will this allow the camera to focus and unfocus while flying through like in the link i posted? also, thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:

thanks very much. ive found a video tut :slight_smile: hope anyone that finds this post finds this link useful! :slight_smile: