Depth of View??

Does anyone know if there is a tutorial on Depth of view in realtime?I saw it on one of the demo vids on the Bullet page… :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

And can it be used for better full scene motion blur :confused:???(It a bit complicated to explain what I`m trying to achieve)

Do you mean Depth of Field?

Yes that one …How is done (Nodes maybe:confused::confused:)

I don’t understand all the hype about DOF. It’s a cool effect yes, but I find it to be fairly annoying when in a real-time situation. It’s like trying to fight with my glasses falling off every 2 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t like simulated myopia? Shame on you! I suppose now you’re going to speak out against simulated migraines (glow) and simulated lens annoyances (lens flares)? What a spoilsport!

Sorry TrueFlection, I don’t know the answer either.

Nah, Bloom and Flare are awesome. And I have just seen a video of a working version, so it is pretty cool.

Sorry PlantPerson. I take it ALL Back… :frowning:

well dude, whether u realize it or not, if you walk around in teh real world, Dof is like all around us

so maybe people aren’t using it correctly yet just in the same way they really aren’t using SSS correctly… but instead they use it to make something game-pretty

eventually DoF will liekkk be everywheerrre liekkk in everygame mwhahahahahaha

kay_Eva I strongly agree with you.If you can compare the motion blur on underground 2 and most wanted you would see the improvements made by using it correctly.

In a way its like what people do with new stuff…they start of by using it tooo much like animated exagurations but the art will be making it life like

By the way :Is there someone who is going to answer me??

The problem with realtime DOF is that there’s not really a way to change the focus point based on where your eyes are looking. Our eyes focus on individual points in space, not on everything at once. When we look at a screen, we usually focus in on different parts of the screen, not just the center. If we actually could do DOF realistically, we’d need a way to figure out where the user’s eyes were pointing and changed DOF accordingly… and then this results in a problem for people watching the user playing game, as they won’t be looking at the same thing the user is.

It just isn’t really practical until we get into some sort of ultra-realistic VR.

there are ways to detect where the player is looking but you need some fancy stuff to do it. Marketing people use it to track how people read adds and stuff.

Exactly. DOF is a real effect, but in real life we can control the focus, and thus we don’t usually notice it. In games it’s controlled by some game designer who set the specs ahead of time, and we can’t necessarily focus on what we want.

To go back to the original question, there were a few demos and I’m pretty sure it has to be done using a custom GLSL 2d filter- have you tried searching the forums yet? I’m sure at least one of those deomos will turn up.

Are you talking about this thread?

Heres the thread for the game engine DoF -

Ive messed around with the script a bit, and its very good. But i usually find that a very low value of DoF works best, otherwise it seems to intense. Just enought that u can notice it is relatively good. You dont want it to be too overwhelming, because as mentioned above its not something which really works with games yet.

The best example ive seen of DoF in games is in Crysis, when u bring up the gun to change sites etc, because ur view is focused on the gun at that moment, so it looks right.

Edit Ahhhh, Sick got in before me!

this is a good use of DoF:

First of all to all of you haters of DOF… Call of Duty 4 and 5 use DOF and it actually does enhance the gaming experience. It helps to keep you focused on the same thing the gun is focused on instead of other things and can be very helpful once you get used to it.

Also I think the bathroom game engine demo had a DOF plugin, you may want to take a look at it.