Derekg1080 Sketchbook (Some Nudity :) )

Hello everyone below are my works in progress or doodles. I’ll stick mostly to new stuff but I post as often as I can. I’m seeing a lot of great stuff on here already so I only hope that my humble contribution fits in:D

latest post render

Very cool Derek! Good to see a sketchbook from you :smiley:

Thanks Vicky…your sketch book is really awesome as well:P

Here another little on going project that I’m streaching my charater creation skills on. I’m going to proceed with proper texturing and rigging and learn a little character animation along the way. I’ve got a story board drawn up and I think its pretty catchy:P Let me know your thoughts…his name is Billy:)

I really like the Billy Character. It will be nice to see him clothed,textured,and animated.

Thanks Model Man I’m working on learning rigging and character animation. I have a short in mind for Billy:P In the mean while here is another little something. I used sculptris once again but I’ll take it into blender of course and retopo and bake out the high res normal bump. I think I’m going for realistic but impossible if you know what I mean:) Kinda like a bonsai tree gone bad…like the stubbiest fat little tree ever. Should be fun…I’ll do a little scene of course like a little pot and table.

Any thoughts?

Animating and rigging is a good skill to have,good luck. I like using sculptris as well, it has a really good grab tool. Anyway, I think it looks good. It is really stubby, maybe a little to thick? Other then that, I think it looks good, lots of detail.

Here is a quickie for a client. Did this archviz in 3 or 4 hours with rendering. It’s a really big mansion with a huge patio and stone filled fire pit out back. The focus here is just the patio not the house hence the plain white texture on the main structure. Any thoughts?

P.S. don’t be too hard on the grass…hehe…time constraints:) Of course I could do better but to save render time and production time I kept it a little sparse:)

Here is a few more views:P

The fire pit looks great Derek, Maybe some patio furniture could have been added, but sounds like you had time constraints. Just curious was the client the homeowner?

Thanks Harleynut97 ya furniture would have been nice:P Oh and yes the client was the owner, big time business man $$$ :slight_smile:

Anyways here is another sculpt…I’m working on using my tablet to sculpt and also working on female anatomy…specifically the face. That seems to be a challenge for me so here is my WIP femal head. Not sure where this is going but I’m liking the progress:P

Here is a little update. The client wanted to see another option:) Still a bit grainy but again not much time allowed:)

Looking good, keep it up.

Something new I’m working on:P Still a WIP but its moving along:) Lots of inspiration from The Third & The Seventh:) Long ways to go. Need to finish windows on the porch and the wood face on the left and then I need to furnish the inside complete. Finally hit the vegetation hard and refine the ground including the grass and other small greenery. Then bushes and trees to blend the background image into the render much better:) Any thought?

This looks good! I like your sketch book!
I think I saw a similar cabin like in your last post on a site. Keep it up my friend! :wink:

Here is a higher resolution render with 400 samples. I will work on the reflection on the glass…I knew it was a bit high and after a full render it much more pronounced:) I started a WIP thread on this one so I can keep my sketch book a little cleaner:P Thanks AlinB, I have really wanted to do a realistic exterior archviz in cycles for a while to take advantage of the DOF and do a cool camera shake with the focus moving around:P Hopefully this project makes it to that point:P

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I am really liking this scene Derek! The only thing I don’t really like is the reflection in the porch window. Maybe add some more plants along the rig in the left side of the image?

I haven’t updated my sketch book in quite a while so here is some work on vegetation I am doing:) More to come:)

Beautiful veg! Nice work Derek! :smiley:

Thanks Vicky:P Here is something new. I’ve decided to make more effort towards sculpting in Blender:) I gotta say I love the dirty vertex paint and vertex paint in general. Not super smooth or accurate but it beats the hell out of UV unwrapping these sculpts. This one got up to 263K faces and began getting pretty laggy for me:) Enjoy:)