Deselect/group prims

I have a model with many prims. How do I select all prims, EXCEPT a couple? I tried:

  • Box selection, then shift + right click the ones I want deselected, didn’t work. They’re still selected
  • Lasso selection, same problem as above
    The only way that works is manually shift + clicking EVERY single prim in the scene window except the ones I don’t want selected (btw is there a quick way to select multiple entries in the scene window? Dragging doesn’t seem to work… I mean when you have like 100 entries, there has to be a quicker way to select them?). There has be a non-stupid way to do this? Why is a basic thing like this so complicated @_@
    Also, how do I group all these prims into one group, for easy translation/rotation? I tried ctrl + G but it didn’t do anything at all, when I right click a prim it still only selects that prim. I don’t want to arbitrarily parent it to a random prim.

Please use the Blender terminology. Playing guessing games is tedious.

I’m guessing by a “prim” you mean “object”. In that case, to deselect a couple, shif+right click is the way to go. But note that Blender has the notion of “active” object in addition to selection. So when you shift+right click the first time, that object will stay selected and become active. If you shift+right click it again, it’ll become unselected.

By “scene window” you mean outliner? Then hover your mouse over it, hit A key to highlight everything, right click -> Select.

If you want to apply transformations to several objects using only one, you’ll have to parent them. Or you could join them into one object (Ctrl+J), do your transformations, then, if you need them as separate objects, in Edit mode separate them again (P -> Loose Parts).