Desert City-Ready for Game

I need a quote for a “Ancient” Desert city of about 3-4 thousand people. I am imagining a King Palace on top of a colline, not to high. A river cutting the city and couple bridges. Also, I need 3-5 wells, with Camels stations, vegetation, houses, all sorts shops and few open markets, buildings common to mid size city, surrounded by a fortress wall. A good size rural area adjacent to this city, with small farms and houses. Free imagination on the whole project due to the shortage of info regarding architectural for the time. (No Islamic or Christian Influence for now). I would like to see a magnificent city…if anything futuristic! Is to be used on Unity Engine for a game directed to kids from 7-13, so, it need to be colorful and alive, fully animated, low poly and ready for game. If you have a good idea with a price let me know! Thanks!