Desert Eagle Pistol

This is the best render so far.

This is one of the older versions. This is part of a project I am working on. A desert eagle with four bullets by it’s side. Enjoy :smiley:


Really nice model! I’d love to see some surface imperfections, fingerprints, scratches etc. Good job!

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Thanks so much for the feedback! I was viewing some other models of this weapon and saw that their materials were much better. I will probably end up re-rendering this today with better textures. Thanks!

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I changed up the texture a bit. Thanks for the suggestion! If you have time I would love some feedback :smiley:

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Definitely looking more realistic, did you add this image texture to the diffuse colour of the material? If you haven’t tried it, it might be worth putting the same image texture into the roughness value, you might need to flip the values with a colour ramp so that the smudges are rough and the clean parts are shiny. Good luck!

Also if you look online for a fingerprint imperfection texture you could put them into the roughness input on the bullet material as well to make them look as though they’ve been handled.

I have no experience using the color ramp node. Could you explain what you mean by flip the values? Thanks! :smiley:

So when you plug your image texture into the roughness value on the material you might find that the clean parts are rough and the dirty parts are shiny so obviously you want it to be the other way round, you can change that with a colour ramp node, it will show a gradient from black to white, you just have to move the colour handles to make it go white to black instead, that will flip all the values. I think you can do this with an invert node too, the invert one would be easier if it works. You might not have this problem though just depends on the texture, hope that was easy to follow hahaha

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That worked great, thanks! I’m’a gonna add some surface imperfection to the bullets and render it again.

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The bullets are a tad too big. You have to fit 7 of them (assuming they are .50 caliber) and clip inside the handle.

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This is better, but I will try to improve it later. I will probably change the image texture because it’s meant for screens. :laughing:

looking better! The texture on the bullets is looking a bit strange, not sure why that is, it looks like there’s a black outline around the texture

I changed the textures up. I think this looks much better. Definitely Looks like it has a lot of use.

I got a better texture for the gun. As for the bullets, I gave the gold part of them the same image texture as the tip, but made them look more beat up. And I added a displacement modifier to them as well.

Really starting to come together now :+1:

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Thanks for the advice! :smiley:

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