Desert land

Hi, here is my latest work in Blender. I really loved this image that I found on pinterest so I tried to reproduce the mood with my own skills. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to know who was the original artist who did this. If someone knows his name ?



You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I like the mood!

Thank you very much Bart :grinning:

Thank you Vergil, I did my best to reproduce the original mood that I loved too !!!

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If you take the original image and go to, you can drop the image into the window and search by image - so there’s a pretty good chance you can find out who did the original artwork.

Thank you JoeW, yeah I tried this way but I only found the one who tagged it in Pinterest and sometimes, un this way, you find so much names that it’s difficult to know the good one. But perhaps I haven’t searched enough. :confused:

If you still want to, I’ve found that sometimes if you rename the image to something different - something that isn’t a word or even just one letter (x.jpg) that will filter out the matching names and force the algorithm to focus on the image.

You could also try rotating the image 90 degrees in both directions - in case it was saved/shot rotated. The google algorithm doesn’t look for other orientations of an image.

Then again, it could be just an obscure image. I’ve had images I tried to find that no matter what I did, they would either point back to where I found them (as happened for you), or, give me a bunch of unrelated results :wink:

I found the original author on art station :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: thank for your advice JoeW. His name is Topi Pajunen. His work totally made me the will to redo it my way !!! So tribute to Topi Pajunen !!!


Love the atmosphere and overall concept here. It’s eerie and dark

Thank you ManinBlack, as I said the original concept from Topi Pajunen, immediately caught my eye and I wanted to reproduce it in Blender. :smiley: