Desert Oasis

A personal project of mine. An oasis in a remote part of a desert, filled with lush vegetation.

Created in Blender 2.83
Cycles + compositor

The sand dunes were modelled using Blender’s crease, smooth, and pinch sculpting tools. One tree was created with Blender’s sapling tree generator, another from a free SketchFab tree pack (see credits at bottom of post) and the rest were modelled low-poly, using transparent cutout textures for the leaves. The palm trees were modelled in this way using frond textures created by me.

View from across the water

Clay render

See the time-lapse creation of it below, which I uploaded to my YouTube channel.

You can also find me on ArtStation.

Textures from (sand normal map, some plants). One tree from SketchFab, however unfortunately has been deleted from the site.


It looks very good!

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Great work! The palm trees look very good and modelling of the dunes is spot-on.

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Enjoy the weekend! o/

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