Desert Road

I always wanted to do one of those endless road shots in Blender. This scene was started a long time ago but unfinished because I also wanted to put a mesas terrain in there but could not make it look good enough and ended up abandoning it for other ventures.
Revisited it later for curiosity and decided that it was better to just remove the terrain altogether.

Its a rather simple scene that has a bit of luck working for it. There is no actual terrain mesh involved here, only a plane used as the base for the rocks and vegetation particle systems. The ground is just the HDRI map I’d rendered in Terragen 4 for this project that happens to have the right colors and not be blurry.

Added a couple of effects in for fun and I think the final image turned out quite well.


Cool scene dude! Add some subtle DoF and volumetric fog and you got an instant epic.

(Added bonus if you put some puddles on the road)

Congratulations on the good work :smiley: