Desert Tank

(Katanius) #1

Hi all!

This is my latest project that I’d like to call finished. Please post your honest opinion and critique. I’ve uploaded a “clean” version and a version with dust in the air so please let me know witch one you like best.

Clean version:

Dust in the air version:

(usernew) #2


Amazing work bro.

Just improve the texture of the sand a bit and put some dirt on the tank. You can also try to add a dust storm covering the tank in back to almost 70%.

(cadaei) #3

Cool design - but if it’s really driving in the soft sand, those wheels look like they would just sink in a get stuck. Maybe each foot(?) needs to have it’s own tread type wheel thing.

(Katanius) #4

Thank you both for your kind words!

The design is actually based on this toy

@cadaei: You are right about the wheels. When I first started modelling, it was meant to be for urban warfare, but when I finally decided on the color scheme and composition I realized I had to remodel the feet again from scratch to add treads. So I thought maaaybe I could get away with using weels… well maybe not…

@usernew: I made a dust storm render just for the fun of it and I think it looks great!

So please let me know witch one of the three you like best.

(usernew) #5

Yeah, this looks great. You can also try adding some warmth to the picture, i.e. some very slight yellow tint to the picture. Add lens distortion (vignette)?

To make it even more interesting, add some bullet dents and scratches to the model. Do you see those dark patches on the sand? like black bubbles? Try to correct them.

Another thing: add tread marks.

(David Gaze) #6

Fantastic. I wish I could do that. But yeh, like the others said: those wheels are going to sink, also you should probably put track marks behind the vehicles wheels.

Can you build a track system between the ends of the wheel stems instead.

Fantastic model though. Love the light and textures.

(Katanius) #7

Back again,

Added some color correction to the image including a little warmth, added a barely noticeable vignette, completely changed the sand material and added tread marks.
Bullet dents would really be interesting and would tell a great story but I haven’t yet mastered the skills to add imperfections/dents manually where it would seem appropriate. All weathering on the model is either procedural or from grudge/imperfection maps. So for the time being I’m going to leave it at that.

I hope you enjoy the final render!

(usernew) #8

Lovely. Yes, the new sand texture looks way better than the previous one. Now I can even see the effect the wind is having on the sand. I will say the picture is now more complete. What you can also try is to make it seem like the two tanks are targeting different targets. But that’s just for the fun part :slight_smile:

(XeroShadow) #9

You upgraded the fudge out of that toy! It’s a brand new model!

(Katanius) #10

Thank you :slight_smile: I had a really great time detailing it and I learned a lot!

(usernew) #11

You forgot to add tread marks for the front tracks. I looked at some of the google images and found that tanks throw a lot of dirt behind. So you can try adding some visible dust just behind the back tracks and the lower level of the tank. I love the new sand texture. Much much better than the previous one with those black spots.

(Katanius) #12

Back again with a final render,

I changed the angle of the sun so the tread marks from the front wheels are more visible. I also think the new angle of the sun also makes the gray surfaces of the tank look more interesting. Also darkened a bit the color of the sand in the storm after looking at some sand storm pictures.

It would be great to add some dust thrown by the wheels but to look realistic I’d have to add a smoke simulation and my 5 year old hardware is already at its limits. I like to imagine that the tanks have stopped moving, waiting for the storm to pass and the crew is chilling, listening to some music until its all over and they can start moving again…

I could be tweaking this Image again and again but I have to move on, so this is my final, really final, render :stuck_out_tongue: and I hope it looks good!

I’ve also uploaded this project on my ArtStation profile so if you are interested in a few more views of the tank please check it out:

Thank you all for your support!
This project might be finished to me but your honest opinions and critique is still valuable!

(usernew) #13

The modeling of the tank is really good. I personally feel you can try adding more dust to the pic to make it look like a big storm but not dense enough to make the tank completely invisible :smiley: Great work!

(C_Campbell) #14

everything looks like its coming along well. except that thing would get nowhere in the sand. the the size and weight and spread on the tires it would sink in the sand and get stuck. I think it needs tank tracks or more wheels. just my two cents.