Desert wasteland on a strange planet

desert wasteland from edi-t on Vimeo.

a small scene on a planet, desert wasteland... was all created with blender 2.91.2 a lot of boxcutter, hardops and kitops cliff is from quixelbridge

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Really loved it. I just think for the sand it would be nice to have an adaptive subdivision with displacement to give some details to the sand close ups.
And there are some texture seams appearing between the rock and the sand. I just say for the case you want to be a perfectionist.

Great scene! Loved it.

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Really cool scene! Amazing detail in the buildings/domes.

thanks for your feedback and you’re completely right, these are just these little things that I have not done out of laziness and I have also noticed and you see also I have the uv at closeup messed up a little.
that also annoys me sometimes where I say to myself oh come fuck it render it now and done. so much for perfectionism :sweat_smile:
but thanks anyway for your constructive feedback :heart:

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thank you :heart:, could be even better but it’s enough :sweat_smile:

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