Design stairs

Hello everybody follows a lot of work I did with a real image as reference for modeling a 3d scene.



Great work. Nice texturing on the construction one. You can almost smell the cement. The lighted white wall is really a good contrast for the stairs.

Xy.exe Hello, thank you for your comments. This is not exactly an “artistic” work a company hired me to make a 3D image of the project. The homeowner would like to see how the ladder would be ready after.

Nice work on the lighting. Although i find the work a little unbalanced through composition and colour, but after reading your comment on xy.exe I get your purpose of the image

Good work. Keep it up

The.Jack Hello, thanks for the comments. Really missed a work of “post production” in the picture, I had left the picture with a more neutral tone. But to answer your request below image more saturated tones:

Cool, that looks already alot better.

Nice, but the before post looks more photo real :slight_smile: due to lower edge contrast in textures imo.

I believe the first one is a photo. He’s showing what he could do with a space.