Designer House

Hi everyone, model I started yesterday, being inspired by the photograph( upper my model, lower inspiration). Inside lights are temporary, bookcase modeled, books are 3d models as well. My first, self inspired project. Cycles render engine. Whole scene soon on Blendswap. Needs more work :slight_smile: Hope you like it and have some comments. Thank you!

modelling looks spot on, but maybe you could add a different brick texture and a sun lamp to put a little more energy (pun) into the scene… :slight_smile:

nice modeling, but don’t use the same set of books on each shelf in the final… :wink:

There is going to be a light, it’s first test render I’ve done and I have dimmed “sun light”, I’ll be working on textures. I actually aim to copy whole scene with trees and lighting. Good spot Kemmler, I have randomize book set a little bit but have not change all book textures :slight_smile: was wondering if someone is going to see it. Thanks guys.

Update with new bricks texture and sky texture for background, internal walls need different material…

Update, added 2 particle systems, gravel and grass

:wink: nice update, one thing I’d do is turn down the concentration on the brick texture it’s still a little off to me…