Desk Lamp WIP

Here’s a little desk lamp I’ve been working on. It reminds me of the Pixar lamp. I think I’ll add a few details, add a new environment, and a few other tweaks. Comments & critiques welcome:


Soft light!
the hard lights are distracting, softsize 3, samples at least 4

Yeah, good point. Here’s a quick update:


whew… :slight_smile: i almost got cut on those sharp shadows.
otherwise… looks like a desklamp, maybe tweak the spec and spec hardness settings a bit. that mat looks like semi gloss plastic.

fuck… also the light bulb, Ray trans IOR 1.5 (glass) Fresnel around 2 or 3 that’ll make it clear.

Go on, you know you want to…

Man I hate long renders, this one clocked in at about 50 minutes. Anyway, here’s my last update for tonight. As you can see I added several details, tweaked the lighting, and rendered with AO. As for the semi gloss plastic material, well, that’s pretty much what my lamp is actually made of (semi gloss metal, technically). I have one or two more edits to make, but I think I’ve got the basic shapes down.

And yes tmcthree, I did.


Sycosys: hahahaha, good video and btw, does your name mean psycho sister??? :eek:

VisionaryCynic: ya gotta do it, make a animation with it…would luv to see one


No… Psychosis… the inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy…
your idea is cute… but I eat cute with a side of Nutella.

try lux or yafaray.
good modeling though!

Ok, another update, mainly just lighting tweaks.
And yeah, I’d love to do an animation but I don’t think I have the patience to rig it.


blimey, its got to be said,

If you can’t be bothered to rig a desk lamp, then you’re never going to rig anything.

As for 50 minutes per frame??? That can be reduced. How many polys is it? Are you raytracing?

No don’t get me wrong. I was rendering total full quality with ray tracing and AO on. I could take it down to probably 30 seconds a frame. I think it’s more that I just don’t like rigging in general. But whatever. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

Okay I broke down and rigged it. I’m working on a test animation to make sure it works, then hopefully I’ll work on a full one.

Well done that man.

Here’s a little test video. Very rough, I just wanted to see if the springs and cords would work.

seems to work well

Now see, was rigging it that hard? I’m learning character rigging on a biped…should have started smaller, like with a lamp like this, would have probably been alot easier to learn…can’t wait to see what you come up with!!


Okay I have a question. What would be the easiest, best way to animate the long power cord?

hooks, maybe?