desktop background

something i threw together in about an hour :slight_smile: thought it looks good as a desktop background.

i dont think anyone actually cares, but in case you would like to use it, here is a version where half the image has a slight offset. it looks better on 2 monitors.

if you feel like the image is rotated on one of the screens, try this one.

Those strokes look WOWing, how did you do them? This really well made image for only an hour.

However it’s not ready for a desktop background. You should have lit it better. As a standard backgrounds need at least 60% of the image not to be black, but this one looks too dark and not appealing for everyday use. But it’s really good, after all.

i had been working on the light streak material previously tho, so it didnt take me that long to set it up.
first time i did the lightstreaks for an earlier project it took me about 2 hours to get the transparensy right, so 1 hour on the whole project was kinda a lie… i had the base for the lightstreak material already prepared.

here is how i did the lightstrikes.
KEEP IN MIND!! i use UV’s so you have to play with the UVs in order to adjust how they look.


untitled.blend (605 KB)