Desktop overlay

I was wondering if there is some way to do a desktop overlay in a runtime. Basically I want to have my objects show up over the desktop. I want to do this so that I can have a command button to close a program on a touch screen interface.

Not really, that I know of, outside of possibly taking a screenshot of the desktop, but you’d have to get an external Python module to do that, because the BGE doesn’t support taking screenshots of areas outside of its own window.

Ok, I thought I would check. I think I found another solution to my problem though. I was wanting to have a video play in fullscreen with a button to exit the video in the corner. I just read that you can do video overlay which will display a video on the screen where ever a certain color appears, so I am hoping that I can set the background color in bge to what it needs, and still have the objects on top. we shall see…