desktop pets

i want to make my own desktop pet using blender
(my goal is to have one that talks and has voice recognition to simulate actual life, and also have it linked to my CPU’s system so it tells me personally if there is something wrong. eg: a trojan horse has attempted to access you computer, attempt failed.) i think something like this would be soooooo cool, and i know it would take alot of code, does anyone have anything on this subject?

Interesting idea. I think you would have to code it like this:

  • Model the pet and preset a few anims for it (like one for each sentence you want to be spoken).
  • Program a Blend file with Python to look for changes in a txt like doc. For each diferent line that can come up, like “HD full”, the Blend file would trigger a diferent animation.
  • Then have some separate applications, like an anti-virus write the status in the txt file (the hardest part, I guess)

Now, that would be funny: “A trojan horse has attempted to access you computer, attempt successAAAARRRGH <BEEP>”

some parts seem realistic, others don’t. i think for every single aspect there is a tool/a piece of free code or even a working program, but getting them all work together… lot of work. from my personal experience dreaming is good, but hoping that dreams could come true easily is foolish. i’d consider your suggestion as not-realistic, unless you have some 5-10 years of coding experience (so that reading and adapting foreign code is like reading a book), a lot of time and maybe some buddies to help you out and motivate you again and again to continue work.

but hey, keep the good ideas alive.

(i personally would never want some semi-intelligent piece of animal running around my screen, yelling for food or asking me if i’m ok. i’d rather see that in a game, but then i also want a proper gun so i can hunt it :< :wink: )


Marin is right, thou. This is not an easy cake to bake.

indeed i agree with you all and no i dont have python experiance but i like to add ideas to the pot and, i do hope to one day be able to do something like this. it would be so cool…

Render out all the video sequences to avi files. Then, write a program that will run and when a signal is sent it will play a certain avi file. Of course, easier said than done but it isn’t that hard. Check game programming websites for info on stuff like that.

Use Blender to create a character and render out various poses.

Consider using Micro$oft’s Agent software triggered by a VB application.

Creating the agent images is easy, writing an app to respond to the types of events you imagine is much more difficult. On the road to learning, you could develop your skills by beginning with replacing the paper-clip in MS Word. One nice aspect of this approach is that MS Agent has text-to-speech built in and you could make your applications speak with an animated character.


this sounds like the best bet, thank you, i will look furthur into it and hopefully get the right results. I dont hope to get this done in the near future - i got school an’ all - but if it ever does get done, i will post.
thanks everyone and if u got any other imput here is the tight place.