Desperate for some Smoothing Help😩🙏

Hey Guys!

Hope we’re all well!

Recently started teaching myself Blender and 3D modeling. I have a background in Graphic Design, and feel like my real strength is a program like Illustrator where it’s easy to draw with geometric shapes!

Been working on this cute mouse as a way to get my head around all things blender. Now the base of the head was made with two spheres being merged together and the boolean tool to better merge them together.

But whilst working throughout Blender and sculpting; I’m noticing some weird “wrinkles” on the surface of my sculpts. Attached are screenshots circulating and highlighting some of these spots. I’ve tried using the “smooth” and “flat” sculpting tools and changing the intensity and size of the brush but they still seem to be lingering around. As an illustrator buff, I’m all about smooth surfaces and clean geometry so that’s the real challenge I’m finding with Blender😂

Might be a basic and obvious question but would love to be pointed in the right direction as to how I can fix this.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s time and help😊

did you smooth shade the geometry before adding either the multiresolution modifier/subdivision mod?. That might be causing the issue

Would the solution from here be to apply the modifiers to each part and then use the Smooth and Flatenning brushes?

I think I know why it’s happening and it has to do your base mesh loop density. Can you show your base mesh topology? Also are you just sculpting in regular mode or with multrresoltuion – or are you using dyntopo?

not necessarily. Just use the smooth options(edit mode face tab…“shade smooth”)
its also advisable to add a multiresolution modifier while sculpting

Hey Guys, just wanted to send a huge thank you for your comments and help!

I went through a tutorial binge and learned more about: mesh density, sculpting with dynotopo, subdivision modifiers and it’s all pointed me in the right direction to refine what I needed to and get a better workflow.

Don’t know if you’re interested but I found a youtube tutorial that has a similar basis to the characters I want to model and going to digest it all so I can see a better way to form my workflow:

Can’t thank everyone enough!