Despertador Blender

Objeto modelado no Blender no início de 2012.


I do believe the official language of this forum is English, so I will translate what he said, even though there’s not much need to do so.
“Blender Alarm Clock
Object modeled in Blender on the first months of 2012”.
Modelos muito bons, Sam Tiago!

I wonder why you translated sutch a obvious thing… Aniway, it looks good, congratulations!

Yes, I wonder why I did it too.

They look cute like kids’ clocks. It surely looks beautiful.

Only thing is that the Chinese inscriptions are so big and pronounced and of the same color as the hands of the clock, the hands are not visible prominently. May be you can change the color of the inscriptions

Thank you for your help Luke, my forte is modeling only. : (

Very nice, however i was wondering what the differences between the first and second attached thumbnails are as they look the same to me, tho may just be my unkeen eye ;D